Shipping Policy for GGDEN Users:

Nature of the Service:
a. GGDEN is a monetization tool for live streamers that enables viewers to send paid messages, known as "priority messages," to support their favorite streamers.
b. GGDEN does not involve physical products or shipping of goods, as it is a digital service provided through mobile wallet integration and live alert systems.

Digital Delivery:
a. GGDEN operates entirely in the digital realm and does not require any physical shipping or delivery.
b. Priority messages sent by viewers are displayed on the live stream with graphics and animations, providing an interactive and visually appealing experience for both the streamer and the viewers.

Instant Availability:
a. Once a viewer sends a priority message through GGDEN and successfully completes the payment process, the message is instantly displayed on the live stream, visible to the streamer and the entire audience.
b. There is no waiting period or shipping time involved, as the service is designed for immediate availability and interaction.

Communication and Support:
a. For any inquiries, concerns, or technical issues related to the GGDEN service, viewers are encouraged to contact GGDEN's customer support through the designated communication channels provided on the GGDEN website or platform.
b. GGDEN will make reasonable efforts to address viewer concerns and provide timely support to ensure a satisfactory user experience.

Please note that this shipping policy is specific to the nature of the GGDEN service, which does not involve physical shipping or delivery of goods. Viewers should refer to the most recent version of the shipping policy on the GGDEN website or platform for any updates or changes.