Refund Policy for GGDEN Users:

Payment Refunds:
a. GGDEN facilitates payments made by viewers to support live streamers through priority messages. Once a payment is successfully processed through the mobile wallet integration, it is non-refundable, except in cases of unauthorized transactions or technical errors caused by GGDEN's system.

Unauthorized Transactions:
a. In the event of an unauthorized transaction, where a viewer claims they did not initiate or authorize the payment made through GGDEN, they should contact GGDEN's customer support immediately.
b. GGDEN will investigate the claim and, if it is determined to be a genuine case of unauthorized payment, GGDEN will refund the amount to the viewer's original payment method.

Technical Errors:
a. If a technical error occurs during the payment process or the display of priority messages on the live stream, causing a disruption or incorrect functioning, viewers should reach out to GGDEN's customer support with relevant details and evidence.
b. GGDEN will investigate the issue and, if it is confirmed that the error was on the part of GGDEN's system, a refund may be issued at the discretion of GGDEN.

Non-Refundable Situations:
a. Payments made for priority messages through GGDEN are generally non-refundable, except for cases of unauthorized transactions or technical errors as mentioned above.
b. Viewers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their payment details, message content, and the choice to support a specific live streamer. GGDEN will not provide refunds for dissatisfaction with the content of priority messages or changes in personal preferences after the payment has been successfully processed.

Communication and Support:
a. For refund requests or to report any payment-related issues, viewers should promptly contact GGDEN's customer support through the designated communication channels provided on the GGDEN website or platform.
b. GGDEN will make reasonable efforts to address refund requests and resolve payment-related issues in a timely manner, keeping the best interests of both the viewers and the live streamers in mind.

Please note that this refund policy is subject to change and viewers are advised to review the most recent version of the refund policy on the GGDEN website or platform.