FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for GGDEN Users:

What is GGDEN?
GGDEN is a monetization tool specifically designed for live streamers. It allows viewers to support their favorite streamers by sending paid messages, called "priority messages," which are displayed on the live stream with graphics and animations.

How does GGDEN work?
GGDEN works in three simple steps:
a. The live streamer shares their unique GGDEN link on their channel.
b. Viewers follow the link and initiate the process by typing the message they want to send and choosing the amount they wish to pay.
c. After payment processing through mobile wallets, the priority message with custom graphics and animations appears on the live stream, notifying the streamer and the entire audience of the viewer's support.

Why is GGDEN unique?
GGDEN stands out by integrating mobile wallet payments, making it easily accessible to viewers who may not have a credit card. Additionally, the live alert system adds an engaging and enjoyable experience for both the streamer and the viewers.

What are the benefits of using GGDEN?
Using GGDEN offers several benefits:

Streamers can monetize their content through the paid priority messages, generating revenue.
Viewers can actively support their favorite streamers and have their messages showcased on the live stream with custom graphics and animations.
GGDEN provides a simple and secure payment process through mobile wallets, ensuring ease of use for viewers.
How can I start using GGDEN?
To start using GGDEN, you can follow these steps:
a. If you are a live streamer, sign up for a GGDEN account and obtain your unique GGDEN link.
b. Share your GGDEN link with your audience during your live streams, either in the stream description or as a pinned comment in the live chat.
c. Viewers can click on the GGDEN link, enter their message and payment details through their mobile wallets, and show their support.
d. As a streamer, you will receive the priority messages with custom graphics and animations on your live stream.

What platforms does GGDEN support?
GGDEN can be used on various live streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, and others. As long as the platform allows external links and integration with mobile wallets, GGDEN can be utilized effectively.

Is GGDEN secure for payments?
Yes, GGDEN ensures the security of payments by utilizing mobile wallets for transactions. Mobile wallets are widely recognized for their encryption and secure payment protocols, providing users with a safe and reliable payment experience.

Can I customize the graphics and animations for the priority messages?
Yes, GGDEN allows you to customize the graphics and animations for the priority messages. You can create personalized visuals that align with your brand or the theme of your live stream, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Are there any fees or charges associated with using GGDEN?
GGDEN may have its own fee structure, which can vary based on the specific platform and payment processing services used. It is recommended to review the terms and conditions of GGDEN or consult their website for detailed information on any associated fees or charges.

Can I use GGDEN as a viewer without being a streamer?
Absolutely! As a viewer, you can actively participate by using GGDEN to send priority messages and support your favorite streamers during their live streams. Just click on the GGDEN link shared by the streamer, enter your message and payment details, and enjoy seeing your message displayed on the live stream.